Our seo services are all about getting you traffic

We get your web property to the first page of the search engines.


seo audit

Our mini seo site audit

You can find this on the bottom of every page. This is an automated free mini audit (retail value 250€) that also gives you some tips on how to improve your seo score.

Our in-depth seo audit

This is our full seo audit. Retail value around 1 000€ depending on size of the website. To be able to do this we require that you fill out our introduction form. It is like going to a doctor for consultation, before giving you any medication he needs to ask you some questions, so do we.

What is our workflow?

  • A prospect fils out our introduction form
  • We do our seo site audit and send it to the prospect
  • Prospect calls us or we give the prospect a call after 1 or 2 days
  • Prospect would like an offer
  • We send our offer
  • Prospect pays our start-up fee and becomes a client
  • We set-up basecamp, rank-traking and we start on-site seo
  • Client starts paying our monthly fee
  • We start off-page seo and monthly reporting
  • After a few months client site ranks first page
  • We call the client to see if he is happy with the result
  • We either continue, stop or change monthly depending on what the client wants.
workflow chart seo agency
Content Creation

Our start-up fee for on-page seo, why?

Our start-up fee will mostly depend on the content that is on your site. If we need to build new pages or improve old pages (500 words text minimum per page, images,etc...) all of this has a cost. We prefer our clients to give us their images  and video files that we can optimize before putting them on the site, but if their is not enough text, we will provide it.

This fee also covers the html inprovements that need to be done to the pages we are trying to rank.

A small part is used for administration purposes, like seting up the client in base-camp, in our rank traking software etc...

No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time.

You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

"Warren buffet"

What do we do for off page seo ?

We use white hat tackticks to rank your website, for that we will be needing an email adress from your compagny. When we stop working together, everything in it will be yours off course. Our monthly repport will give you some details on what we do. To have more details on this you will need to be a client first. Our full ranking process will not be disclosed even not to our best clients.

Each time the search engines have a new animal up-date we adapt our process so our clients stay on top of the search.


Google updates

Our seo services for local businesses

For local businesses we offer city rankings for brand name or 2-3 best products or specialties. We can get you on the snackpack (top 3 in google with map, shows also on mobile).  This can be done for your products, if there is a map and if your site ranks on the first page.

We also optimize your Facebook page if wanted, for local this can help to get new clients from your city.

How to rank a video on first page of google.

Send it to us, give us acces to your youtube account and we will do the rest.

After the last payday loan update from google, it is not possible to rank a video on first page for every search. But if you see a video on a search we can replace it with yours, ofcourse not in one day.

You don't like youtube or you want to rank on bing or yahoo or...., contact us with details on your project, we will see how we can help.

Ranking supplementairy pages for your brand or product

Have you ever searched a business on google with the name of the business and had the full first page results refering to the business?

This is called ranking parasites, we can do this for your business name or for a service in your city. Be aware, this is not cheap as each of these needs to be optimized for text, images or video's you put on them.

This can also be used for reputation managment in case you get some bad revieuws or you want to hide some bad publicity.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”

"Sir Winston Churchill"

Can we do your webdesing ?

The easy answer is yes, but be advised we do seo optimised design on wordpress sites. As you can see on this page, we can do a lot. What we don't do is flash design, most mobile phones do no longer support it. Everything that can get in the way of seo we also avoid. It's up to you, you want a stuning desing with all the bells and whistles, lot's off pop-ups and too much links on the page or a fast design made to rank first in google.

Do we know paid advertising - ppc ?

This is something we only offer to existing clients and only if there is some ROI in it for them or if the ppc has a certain use.

Everybody knows google adwords, and yes we are certified google partner for it. Do we use it ? Only for very short term results.

Did you know facebook has this to ? We can also do this for you but we advise to use this only for target oriented advertising, a good example wood be : more likes from citizans for your local business.

We also attended twitter's flight school, this can be usefull if you are a twitter fan / addict

SMO - Social media optimization .... uuuhh what?

We can help you to optimize your social pages depending on what social properties are usefull in your industrie. This means optimised text and images. If needed basic video's, we are seo experts not video production experts but then again we can rank a video most video production compagny's can't.

We can also help you set-up your social distribution network and if you realy need it we can help you with basic content for your network.